dsc_0584All Protocols Observed.

It is with a heart filled with joy that I welcome you all to this historic event. It is historic because it is the first time youth and youth led organisations will be gathered to explore the components of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250, deliberate on the role(s) of youth towards its implementation and the inauguration of the first ‘UNSCR 2250 Monitoring Group’ in Nigeria.

Nigerian Youth 4 Peace Initiative (NY4PI) is an arm of the Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction (CDRCR), a non-governmental, not for profit organisation incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in August, 2011 with the mandate to carry out activities tailored towards crisis reduction and peacebuilding in Nigerian communities.

The network was birthed so as to coordinate the activities and contributions of young peacebuilders in Nigeria to building a peaceful nation. Our objectives are to; share experiences from various peacebuilding interventions, discuss peace initiatives across culture, network with like minds working on preventing violent conflicts and extremism and to monitor the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in Nigeria.

The United Nations has called the attention of the world to the fact that more than 600 million young people live in fragile and conflict affected societies. Youth are considered to be arguably the most affected; either as victims or as perpetrators of the myriad of violent conflicts in the world today. This minimalist interpretation has contributed in securitizing them as a rising threat to global peace and security.

While it is obvious that youth are engineers and perpetrators of violent crimes, the rising fact is that majority of youth are contributing to peacebuilding and they remain an essential instrument for sustainable peace and development.

The importance of engaging young men and young women in shaping sustainable peace was recognized by the adoption of UNSCR 2250 in December 2015. This global policy framework spotlighted the nexus between youth, peace and security.

While I do not intend to preempt the various presentations which would follow, I want to quickly inform us that this workshop which is the first phase of our National Campaign for the Implementation of UNSCR 2250 in Nigeria; was designed to create awareness and sensitize us on the components of this resolution and how it can be applied; to equip us with the needed skills to effectively advocate and monitor the implementation of this resolution and lastly to institute and seek commitments toward the working group known as the ‘UNSCR 2250 Monitoring Group’ in Nigeria.

On a final note, I want to once again welcome you all to this workshop and also congratulate everyone for been part of this great occasion. It is my hope that we all would leave here with a resolve to spread the word so that others can know about this resolution, what it says, why it is important and advocate for its implementation in Nigeria.

Thanks and God bless you.