National Coordinator, Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative, Lawal Rafiu Adeniran and other members of the National Youth Network on Countering Violent Extremism participated in a meeting with Club De Madrid members in Abuja, Nigeria. The meeting which had in attendance the former President of Botswana, Festus Fogae and former President of Mauritius, Cassam Uteem was facilitated by Search for Common Ground so as to bring the voices of young peacebuilders to the global leaders.

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Comrade Dauda, a youth leader from the northern part of Nigeria,  who commended the facilitators of the meeting, highlighted peace education, establishment of peace clubs, radio presentations, advocacy and sensitization as part of the actions taken by young people in various parts of the Nigeria so as to curb the surge of violence extremism.

National Coordinator, Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative, Lawal Rafiu, while speaking, pointed out that some of the challenges facing youth peacebuilding organisations are closed political/social structure, unemployment, legal obstacles to young people’s participation in decision making institutions at various levels and low support for youth peacebuilding organisations in Nigeria.

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Both Presidents Festus and Uteem while commending the efforts taken by peacebuilding organisations in preventing violence and promote peace in Nigeria and Africa, promised to help forward the recommendations of the youth network to the appropriate authorities.


Report written by

Lawal Rafiu Adeniran.