The National Coordinator of Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative Mr. Rafiu Lawal has been elected as the International Steering Group Representative (West and Central Africa) of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY). In an election that involved three other great contestants from Cameroon, Mali and Nigeria and twenty-three organizational voters, Mr. Lawal was declared the winner based on simple majority.

Mr. Rafiu Lawal attending a Panel Discussion on the “Roles of Youth in Peace and Security Dialogue” in Geneva, Switzerland.


United Network of Young Peacebuilders is a global network of over eighty youth-led organizations working on conflict prevention and peacebuilding across the globe with headquarters in Hague, Netherlands.

The ISG representative is the nexus between network members and the international secretariat and has the mandate of ensuring that the impact of UNOY Peacebuilders is enhanced in the region and that issues affecting youth in West and Central Africa are given utmost attention by policymakers in the region.

Mr. Lawal will serve as the ISG representative from 2018-2020. The International Steering Group is part of the decision and governance structure of UNOY Peacebuilders.