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Nigerian Youth 4 Peace Initiative (NYPI) was borne and established as a result of deliberations and agitations by some young passionate peace practitioners and lovers of peace during preparations for the 2016 International Youth Day.

Recognising that conflict in the World is increasingly taking a new dimension, shifting from inter-state conflicts to intra state conflicts. Africa and Nigeria in particular is still suffering from the havoc caused by various ‘Proscribed Armed Groups’ (PAG) such as Boko Haram insurgents, Niger Delta militants and Biafra agitators, which has led to the loss of several lives, property and to an extent, hindered the trajectory of national development.

With the resolve by the government and other stakeholders within the Nigerian state to resolve all conflicts and restore peace to our communities, the youth have been earmarked as an important and invaluable stakeholder in preventing violent conflicts and post conflicts reconstructions.

In December 2015 at its 7573rd meeting the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 2250 which spotlighted the nexus between Youth, Peace and Security. This document identified and emphasized the inclusion and roles of youth in any peace and security architecture. It portrays youth as partners in preventing violence, countering violent extremism and building sustainable peace.

The Nigerian Youth 4 Peace Initiative (NYPI) is a platform established by young Nigerian peace practitioners to coordinate the activities and contributions of young peacebuilders in Nigeria to building a peaceful nation.